Bedspread, but which one? To each his own

Qual'è il copriletto ideale per la primavera in arrivo?

It seems easy to say: bedspread , the difficult thing is finding exactly the right one for us. And I am certainly not referring to the style, design, imagination, colour, but to the technical characteristics that we would like it to have and which should be exactly those that satisfy our needs.

Now, given that "bedspread" is a generic term, it is important, before entering the search term in a finder, a filter or any search engine, to have an idea of ​​the needs we want this bedspread to satisfy. And given that we tend to define bedspreads that have identical characteristics with different terms, I would like to suggest some useful indications to help you choose at least among the CASAhomewear proposals.

For example: Winter or summer? should it simply cover the bed as a decorative element or do we want it to be warm too?

In winter we tend to have a bed covering that is not only decorative but also warm, therefore a padded bedspread with thick padding. In the " Quilt " section we offer a wide range of bedspreads, decorative duvets, whatever you want, which in addition to covering the bed by decorating it with colors or prints, also have a very warm padding (300grm2), ideal for winter. The Happidea brand also offers quilts with ecological padding, cotton and recycled PET.

For the mid-season a lighter padding is preferable, in the " Quilted bedspread " section it is possible to choose between different quilt options, light quilts, spring quilts, summer quilts, whatever you want, in addition to being decorative elements for the bedroom bed also have the characteristic of having a light padding (100grm2).

A lighter alternative is the 100% cotton pique bedspread with a very small raised texture that gives the fabric a light, fresh and soft textured effect, the ideal solution on hot summer nights.

For the summer in the " Bedspread Set " section, CASAhomewear offers a wide choice of bed sets consisting of a pillowcase, fitted sheet and the characteristic printed top sheet which satisfies the need for a decorative bedspread but without additional padding.

For those who prefer a decorative bag in which to insert and remove a neutral padding that varies in weight in different seasons, in CASAhomewear it is possible to choose in the " Duvet cover sets " section various proposals for sets composed of a duvet cover bag and matching pillowcases, in the " Duvet cover bag " section " you will find the bags that cover the neutral padding and the bag sets consisting of: duvet cover, pillowcases and fitted sheet.

For those who are simply looking for the padding to insert into the duvet cover, in the Padding section it is possible to find duvets or duvets in different weights and sizes. From winter (300grm2), to four seasons (200grm2 + 100grm2), light (100grm2), as well as baby winter and baby summer duvets for cot and cot sizes .


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