Read for Art - 2023 edition Capital of culture

Letto ad Arte 2023 Capitale della cultura Collezione dei giovani artisti delle Accademie di Belle Arti di Bergamo e Brescia

2023 Bergamo-Brescia Capital of culture, the occasion for the special edition of the 2nd Art Bed Competition organized by Cotonificio Zambaiti and aimed at students of the Fine Arts Academies of the two cities.

Cotonificio Zambaiti, a historic manufacturing company from Bergamo, in the textile market for over fifty years, is at the service of culture, in compliance with the contents of the "Growing Together-City that Produces and Invents" project intends to concretely contribute to economic and social development by once again promoting the Read to Art Competition and expanding participation to all the Academies of the territory elected Capital of Culture 2023.

A project shared between business and cultural organizations as per ProgrammaBGBS2023, which involves the Academies of Fine Arts of Bergamo and Brescia.


From Hayez, to Bouguereau, to Magritte's impossible love, the kiss is present in many works of art, as a symbol of love but also of awakening from an imposed sleep as in Canova's Cupid and Psyche.

The kiss understood as an instant of profound intimacy, a gesture of passion, protection and romance but also of harmony and a prelude to a new life together.

What better example, therefore, for Bergamo and Brescia, gripped by a sad situation that united them during the pandemic but strong in an intense motivation aimed at rebirth and growth. The kiss, therefore, in all its representative strength, as a lifeblood, in an area rich in tradition in the social, cultural and entrepreneurial fields.

The theme was interpreted by young artists from the Academies with original and personal works, without any limitation to artistic techniques. From the selection of the competitors, the jury, composed of representatives of the academic bodies together with the company's creative management, admitted 12 artists to the exhibition at the Spazio Giacomo in via Quarenghi 48, from 13 to 18 March: Anna Aristo with Amore Cosmico; Andreis-Pistoni with Fluxus Flammae; Diego Azzola with bread crumbs; Emma Castellani with 140 bpm; Noemi Ferrari with My butterflies are claustrophobic; Giuseppe Fittipaldi with Kisses and funny faces; Davide Foresti with Sewn Souls; Valentina Lorenzi with Romeo & Juliet; Diego Marchesi with Right Distance; Federica Robustellini with Unmei no akai ito; Eleonora Scarpi with The hour of abstraction: the kiss; Aurora Villa with cross-country race.

Winning the podium and the internship in the company in order to develop the declination of their work in a "Bed to Art" are: Emma Castellani with 140bpm, Aurora Villa with Corsa Campestre and Diego Azzola with Cruciole di Pane.

The young artists have created amodern and romantic bed collection, the bed sets and bedding sets are made of BCI cotton percale, a conscious choice, a careful look at future generations which aims to combat the negative impacts of cultivation and cotton processing. With a broad range of stakeholders across the supply chain, BCI drives continuous improvements that are measurable for the environment, farming communities and economies of cotton-producing areas.

The prints are made with the latest generation digital machinery, which in addition to allowing optimal reproduction of artistic declinations, operate with low consumption of both water and dyes.

Emma, ​​Aurora and Diego have also embraced Cotonificio Zambaiti's commitment to reducing the use of plastic, choosing packs made of 100% natural cotton and therefore biodegradable and reusable.

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