Muslin in very thin cotton yarn, a fresh and light alternative to linen

Mussola in sottilissimo filato di cotone, fresca e leggera alternativa al lino

Do you know cotton muslin ?

Cotton muslin is made with an extremely thin yarn, a peculiarity that makes the fabric almost impalpable, similar to the inner tube of an egg, hence the name "egg skin" or "cambric cloth", with clear reference to the best known use.

If muslin fabric is suitable for the very delicate skin of newborns, imagine how light and soft it can be on bed linen sets.

Household linen: thin cotton muslin sheets and bedspreads are a perfect solution for hot summer nights.

The peculiar characteristics of the natural cotton fibre, breathable and fresh, are enhanced by the muslin weave with a soft hand effect, very pleasant to the touch, light to the point of being almost impalpable.

Casahomewear certainly cannot fail to offer a must have for the summer: the fine Cassera Casa bed linen in cotton muslin to choose from in delicate solid pastel shades or with refined digital floral prints; the historic brand combines the quality of the materials, the latest generation dyeing and printing with certified non-toxic and eco-friendly dyes, with the high professionalism of the tailoring craftsmen.

Why choose cotton muslin linen in the summer season?

- it is permeable to air: the greater breathability gives a feeling of freshness on the skin;

- it is hygroscopic: it absorbs humidity and sweat, leaving a pleasant sensation of well-being;

- it is light: it disperses body heat well. hot-summer-nights , 6 July 2021, 6 July 2021 9060316/, 6 July 2021, 6 July 2021 , 6 July 2021 , 6 July 2021


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