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The CASAhomewer app is the first eCommerce for the home with the new EasyHomeWear technology.

Experience the thrill of touching what you are purchasing directly on your bed at home.

Today you can!

No more disappointments, second thoughts with the inconvenience of returning.

It has already happened to you that you have made purchases for your home in a shop or in a shopping center and upon returning home you discover that the furnishing result was not what you imagined.

What you thought was suitable in terms of pattern and colors turned out to be a real eyesore.

With CASAhomewear, you can consult the catalog of our products, choose them and view them in 3D.

You will be able to see the products that have impressed you on a real scale in your home, using EasyHomeWear technology .

Transform your furnishings into perfect models and let them wear and undress each of our furnishing proposals.

Save your favorites to review and purchase.

More information, enriched by a guided tour in Virtual Reality of the selected product, is available on our website .

What are you waiting for?

Transform yourself into perfect Personal Shopper for the environment you love most: your home.

The app is compatible with devices that support ARkit for iOS. iPhone 6S or newer iPhones support ARKit. Compatible iPads include iPad Pro (all models), iPad 5th and 6th generations (2018 or newer). For optimal use, a well-lit environment is recommended