Bed set in BCI cotton percale (the largest cotton sustainability program in the world) with digital print inspired by the work that won first prize in the second edition of the Stolen Kisses-themed Art Bed Competition proposed by Cotonificio Zambaiti in collaboration with the Academies of Fine Arts of Bergamo and Brescia.

The young artist Emma Castellani attends the SantaGiulia Academy in Brescia and for this creation she was inspired by the heartbeat in a kiss, hence the title 140 BPM.

The original work is in graphite on paper while the creation of the drawing on fabric plays on the chiaroscuro contrasts of the watercolor technique which, through the fluidity with which the water makes the pigments interact, itself suggests the idea of ​​fusion between individuals at the moment of the kiss.

A complete romantic bed, which in its modern design plays between clear graphic lines and soft elements and therefore adapts to every bedroom with refined elegance.

The set consists of:

- 2 pillowcases 50x80

- 1 plain white fitted sheet 175x200h25

- 1 top sheet 250x290

- 1 cover for a 40x40 furnishing cushion