Limited edition cotton satin duvet cover set with digital print and reactive dyes designed and signed by Benedetta Micale.

Benedetta recently graduated from the Giacomo Carrara Academy of Fine Arts. He participated in the design of the setting and part of the furnishings of the Le Querce center for Alzheimer's patients in Monza. He also uses his works to talk about social issues. He gained experience at the Saatchi Gallery in London and a collaboration with the FAI foundation, as well as participation in numerous collective exhibitions in the Bergamo area during his study period at the Bergamo Academy.

With her work U she won first prize in the Letto ad Arte Competition. The work represents the idea of ​​an unfinished dream, the mathematical symbol U represents the union of thoughts that fluctuate in the world of dreams, like fish in the sea or drops of water, in a continuous and infinite cycle .

The original work was created with the shibori embroidery and dyeing technique. The work of initial inspiration was then reworked by transforming the embroidery stitches into fluid brushstrokes of acrylic in different shades of petrol blue.

The features intersect harmoniously following the oriental logic of Yin and Ynag and double interpretations which are also reproduced in the twin bag with mirrored front and back.

The idea is to bring a peaceful sleep to the bed and to the room, an atmosphere of balance and well-being that relaxes body and mind.

The collection is a limited edition, signed by the artist

In Benedetta's collection you will also find the complete bed and the quilted bedspread:

Single a Square

Duvet cover – 155x200

Pillowcase - 50x80

A Square and a Half

Duvet cover – 205x200

Pillowcase - 50x80

Double room for two people

Duvet cover – 255x200

Pillowcase - 50x80