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Measure: Double room with two squares

Color: White



Casahomewear presents the Quilted Bedspread in pure cotton Muslin by Cassera Casa.

Let yourself be surprised by the very high quality of the Cassera Casa brand which gives life to this garment with a unique and inimitable style.

Its vertical striped quilting that narrows towards the center and thins outwards, goes perfectly with the solid colors and the shine and freshness of the pure cotton Muslin, making this garment a useful accessory but also a trendy garment.

Sizes & Colors

Available in different colors carefully chosen following seasonal color trends, this item is able to best adapt to any type of bedroom style, giving it colour, elegance and refinement.


Single one square: 180x270

A Square and a Half: 220x270

Double room with two squares: 270x270


White – Gray - Almond


Article 100% natural cotton muslin fibre, fresh and light, breathable material which when in contact with the skin gives a pleasant sensation of softness and well-being.

Pure cotton muslin is a perfect fabric for the spring and summer seasons as it gives the garment that feeling of freshness perfect for hot summer nights.

Quilted bedspread with soft 100g internal padding which guarantees the right comfort and warmth on spring and early summer nights.

Dyed quilted bedspread, dyeing which is carried out in compliance with European regulations with non-toxic and environmentally friendly dyes and the product is certified according to OEKO TEX 100.

The padding of the Quilted Bedspread is made of Italian recycled polyester, i.e. recovering the plastic that defaces our seas and our cities.

Its diamond quilting and rounded corners go perfectly with the print and the variations of the design.

The packaging of the Quilted Bedspread is made of recycled PVC, therefore it does not come from new plastic, and we recommend keeping it to store the Quilt in the months of non-use after washing it.


Quilted items should be washed at every change of season and placed in a protective bag until used again.

For quilted items, dry cleaning is preferable, otherwise machine wash at a maximum of 30°, to preserve the polyester interior, which is delicate at high temperatures.

It is advisable to insert the garment with the main design folded inside so that the back design rubs against the drum in the spin cycle.

Make sure that the basket is at least 20kg, no smaller for a double quilt.

Gentle spin for quilts, no salt, little fabric softener, liquid detergents, synthetic program due to the internal padding and do not use bleach.

Dry the quilts well spread out and open in a warm, dry place; be careful, the colors could fade under direct sunlight. If using a dryer, select the synthetic programme.

Quilted items should never be ironed, leave flat.

Made in Italy

This garment was produced in Italy right from the preparation of the fabric, through the dyeing, printing and finishing, up to the manufacturing including packaging.

The manufacturer has an ISO9001 certified management system.

The manufacturer complies with the rules of the National Collective Labor Agreement in Italy.

No use of child labor.