Change of Season and Bed Linen: How to Choose to Sleep Better

Cambio di Stagione e la Biancheria da Letto: Come Scegliere per Dormire Meglio

With the change of season, there is always the need to adapt to the new climate and small measures are necessary which impact to a greater or lesser extent on the different areas of our daily life. One of these is changing bed linen, which can have a significant impact not only on our comfort but above all on the quality of sleep. Here are some tips on how to do it most effectively.

Sheets: Light vs Heavy

Spring Summer

During the warmer months we recommended cotton muslin sheets because among the light fabrics it is certainly the one that best meets the needs of the period. They are breathable and absorb moisture, ensuring a comfortable sleep even on the hottest nights.

Autumn winter

For autumn and winter, however, heavier fabrics such as satin or cotton flannel are more suitable. Cotton flannel is a great choice if you like to feel wrapped in a soft warm embrace, while satin adds a touch of luxury and sophistication.

The duvet cover and padding

For lovers of the comfort of a modern bed, compared to the traditional coordinated complete bed + quilt, the duvet cover bag has the advantage of being multi-seasonal: empty in summer and padded with different weights of duvet in correspondence with the different seasons.

So if a 100 grm2 padding is recommended for mid-season, in winter it is advisable to switch to a 300 grm2 padding. But if you are even more sensitive to the cold, Casahomewear also offers duvet cover sets in cotton flannel, which combine the soft warm embrace of flannel with all the warmth of padding in different weights.

How to Choose Padding

Not everyone is the same when it comes to sleeping temperature. Some people are more sensitive to the cold, while others tend to sweat even when it's cold. This is why it is essential to choose the right filling for your duvet cover.

  • Lightweight : Ideal for those who tend to heat up easily or live in a well-insulated home. (100 grams per m2)
  • Medium : Good for most people and those who regulate room temperature with heating. (150gr-200grm2)
  • Heavy : Excellent for those who are particularly sensitive to the cold or live in a poorly insulated house. (300grm2)

A little saving advice? Try the 4 seasons duvet , basically it is 1 duvet with 3 functions: 100g light + 200g medium, which can be joined together to generate a super warm 300g padding.

Room Temperature: Is Sleeping Cool Better?

Several studies suggest that a cooler room promotes better sleep. However, if you find yourself in a situation where the use of heating is unavoidable, set it to a moderate temperature and compensate with bedding that best suits your needs.

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The change of season is an excellent opportunity to renew your bedding and optimize your sleeping comfort. Choose fabrics and padding based on your personal needs and the conditions of your environment.

Quality sleep will improve not only your nights, but also your days.


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