A Small Contribution to support the Telethon Foundation

Sostieni Fondazione Telethon con Casahomewear

A Small Contribution for a Big Change: Cotonificio Zambaiti and Casahomewear Support Research on Rare Genetic Diseases

Science is a powerful source of hope, especially when we talk about rare genetic diseases that touch the lives of many children and their families. But scientific research requires funding, and this is where each of us can make a difference by joining forces. It is with great enthusiasm that we announce a special collaboration: after the project “Like at home” of the Telethon Foundation, with which Cotonificio Zambaiti has "dressed up" the accommodation to make families feel "at home, for the reception of children with a rare genetic disease and their families, who come from all over the world to undergo thegene therapy at the San Raffaele Telethon Institute in Milan , it is with immense pleasure that Cotonificio Zambaiti and Casahomewear work to further support the Telethon Foundation in its commitment to research on rare genetic diseases.

Every Contribution Counts: We Give Hope for the Future

You may be wondering, "How can I contribute?" The answer is simple and pleasant! Cotonificio Zambaiti, manufacturer of household linen for over half a century, joins forces with Casahomewear to create a sales campaign, from this September to the end of the year, the proceeds of which will be partly donated to the Telethon Foundation.

Until December, every purchase made through the Casahomewear online site will help finance research for the cure of rare genetic diseases. Is not it fantastic? You can renovate your home with high-quality items and, at the same time, contribute to a cause that can change the lives of many people.

How does it work?

  • Visit the Casahomewear website: A range of elegant products awaits you, all produced by Cotonificio Zambaiti.
  • Choose and buy: Select what you like and proceed with the purchase.
  • Making a difference: A percentage of your purchase will go directly to fund research projects that can make a difference in the lives of those affected by rare genetic diseases.

Why Is This Cause Important?

Rare genetic diseases such as muscular dystrophy, Rett syndrome and many others touch the lives of countless children and adults, limiting their options and hopes for the future. This initiative offers the opportunity to actively support research into innovative therapies, capable of giving these children the chance to live a better life.

The Telethon Foundation is at the forefront in this field, funding research projects that could be revolutionary for the treatment and cure of these diseases. Every contribution, regardless of its size, is a step towards a brighter future for those who need it most.

A small contribution can actually make a big difference. By purchasing a product from the Cotonificio Zambaiti home linen line on Casahomewear, you will have the opportunity to actively participate in the fight against rare genetic diseases. It's a simple gesture, but its impact could be immense. Join us and let's give hope for a better future.

For further details on how to contribute, visit the Casahomewear website or contact customer service.

To find out more about the Telethon Foundation and its incredible work, you can visit their website .


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