Understanding TC to Choose Your Quality Bedding

Capire il TC per Scegliere la Tua Biancheria da Letto di Qualità

Understanding TC (Thread Count): The Key to Choosing Your Quality Bedding

The term "TC" (Thread Count) represents a fundamental concept when it comes to bedding. Translated into Italian as "thread count", TC is a standard measurement that indicates the density of a fabric.

TC represents the total number of horizontal (weft) and vertical (warp) threads in a square inch of fabric. This measurement originated during the Industrial Revolution, when England was the world leader in textile production. Many of the terms and practices established during that period are still in use today and recognized internationally.

However, it is important to remember that TC is not the only indicator of tissue quality. Other factors, such as the type of fiber (e.g. 100% natural cotton), the weave (e.g. canvas, percale, satin) and the finishing process (e.g. strong or soft finish), can significantly influence both the sensation to the touch (the so-called "hand" of the fabric) and the resistance of the fabric itself. In general, a higher TC indicates a denser and stronger fabric, but also a more expensive one.

Despite the importance of TC, it is essential to point out that a higher thread count per square inch does not always equal higher quality. Other elements, such as the type of cotton, the weave and the finishing process, can in fact influence the quality of the fabric.

Choose your underwear carefully, remember that it is in direct contact with your skin for approximately 1/3 of each of your days. When choosing your linen, rely on our technicians, they will be able to advise you in the best way to satisfy your needs.


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