Should you choose Percale bed linen 180 TC or 200 TC?

Scegliere la Biancheria da Letto in Percalle 180 TC o 200 TC?

Cotton percale is known for its fineness and unparalleled softness, thanks to its particular weave. Made with a tight interweaving of threads, alternating one thread above and one below, similar to the process of weaving canvas, percale has a high number of threads per square inch, at least 180. This makes the fabric noticeably smoother and more refined than common cotton canvas.

Percale, with its fresh and smooth feel, is therefore the perfect choice for bed linen. In particular, the 200TC (Thread Count) cotton percale weave fabric offers a high quantity of threads per square inch - as many as 200 threads per square inch woven in warp and weft, vertically and horizontally.

The quality of the fabric is not only determined by the number of threads, but also by the quality of the cotton used and the finishing process adopted. Such as our line of plain-colored Cassera Casa sheets, loved by our customers also for the indispensable easy ironing treatment, but also all the other printed lines produced with the utmost care and attention to detail.

Opting for percale sheets means choosing a dense, but at the same time light and resistant weave. High quality cotton percale, with its compact and fresh feel, is the ideal choice for those who want to combine comfort and durability. 180TC or 200TC cotton percale, therefore, represents the ideal balance of softness, strength and durability, making it an excellent option for bedding.


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