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How to make your summer house? whether at the seaside or in the city, thanks to the sun, the beautiful days, the desire for outdoor lunches, the heat that torments our sleep... our habits change and increase the need to adapt our spaces to the needs of the summer as well as spending more time outdoors.

Let's start with the colours: when thinking about summer we can only think of the intense light of summer days, the vivid colours, the clear atmosphere, so even in the summer collections for the home the strong and lively colors cannot be missing from blues in all shades of the sky and the sea, to the coral reds, to the multicolored tropical fish, up to the orange of the sunsets, but also the delicate tones of the fine sand, of the white, natural or shaved beaches.

You can play by combining solid colors in more lively combinations, a gamble that can give a feeling of freshness but without sacrificing the quality of the fabric. A natural yarn like cotton ensures breathability on the skin, which is absolutely essential for sleeping cool, even more so in the summer heat. If you are looking for lightness in sheets, you can choose the thin cotton muslin , plain or printed, which will ensure a fresh rest. But don't forget the usable management: being able to choose a sheet that is easy to iron, especially in summer, is an indispensable plus, so here is the solution proposed by Cassera Casa, the cotton percale enriched with a particular finish that makes it easy to iron. among numerous colors.

But if you love printed patterns rather than plain colours, the Casahomewear summer collection for the bedroom offers a wide range of proposals: from romantic to fun, from playful and cheerful, to the more traditional.

It is not easy to reproduce vivid and intense colors in print on fabric but in the Happidea and Cassera Casa collections, the use of innovative, latest generation printing techniques, such as digital printing and the use of reactive dyes, allow not only the reproduction of photographs with exceptional definition, but also the achievement of optimal color vibrancy and resistance.

So make way for images of seabeds and coral reefs which on the bed will give you the feeling of falling asleep in an aquarium or breathtaking sunsets to give your bedroom that romantic touch, naturally not only intended for a double bed but also for a single and a queen size bed. , therefore also to please teenagers and liven up the children's bedroom.

But in the summer, outdoor spaces are undoubtedly king. How many barbecues or outdoor dinners have you organized or attended? A well-set but absolutely functional table cannot be missing. In Casahomewear you will find the Master pro proposals by Carlo Cracco, but also Happidea with prints of fresh and lively motifs, use of natural materials such as bamboo and cotton and the indispensable proposals for prints with stain-resistant treatment. Whoever has never spilled coffee or red wine, raise your hand! Here, if you are the host, you will no longer have to go crazy with stain removers or laundry, because a wipe with a damp cloth will be enough and if you are the guest to do the damage and you haven't thought about giving a stain-resistant tablecloth to the owner of the thing, well then hope that he has already thought about it himself, so you can feel a little less guilty. But be careful, I'm not talking about plastic tablecloths or runners! but of splendid kitchen textiles in 100% natural cotton, with traditional or digital but absolutely eco-compatible prints.

And the bath sponge ? Well here we can have a separate discussion, because the luckiest will be able to enjoy their seaside holidays, perhaps taking the beach towel proposed by Casahomewear to the beach with the comfortable matching maxi bag; we know, between book, magazines, sun cream, spare swimsuit, cell phone, water bottle etc. space is needed. Others may be lucky enough to enjoy the swimming pool at home, which in this torrid summer would invite you to soak 24 hours a day. Or at the lake, along the banks of the rivers, naturally in this arid summer where some water still flows, and therefore we can offer our soft cotton towels, very absorbent to choose from more than 20 colours, naturally also with a bathrobe matched. But, as always, space is a factor, Ecotone 's proposal with the very light cotton terry made from organic cotton honeycomb yarn could be a good compromise. It dries well, is light and takes up little space.

All I can do is wish everyone a peaceful summer and a splendid Ferragosto!


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