World Parents' Day: embellish your home with magical atmospheres

Giornata Mondiale dei Genitori: impreziosisci la casa di magiche atmosfere

Today 1 June 2022 World Parents Day (Global day of Parents) established on 17 September 2012 by the UN, to underline the fundamental role of the parental figure in the lives of children all over the world and above all to remember that even today, too many of them do not enjoy the rights they deserve and to support those who fight every day for their protection.

How many times do our memories take us back to the colors and sensations we felt in our bedrooms or in the rooms of our parents or grandparents? The pillows , the blankets that wrapped us, their sheets spread out fresh and scented, the feeling of feeling safe sleeping next to them.

The house is a place that protects us from our fears, it is a safe place that welcomes us and cradles us, it reminds us of our childhood and many happy moments spent with our family. Even with the choice of household linen we can enrich our environments to create magical moments that we will remember with lightheartedness and joy.

Casahomewear offers 100% natural cotton products, eco-sustainable made in Italy and printed with non-toxic and eco-friendly dyes with reduced water consumption, contributing to the protection of the environment and animals in support of ENPA, the National Animal Protection Agency.

Designed for parents and for their relaxation, Casahomewear presents the romantic bed collection made of classic and traditional designs, floral prints and many essential items for every trousseau that enrich bed sets, duvet covers, bedspreads and sponge sets , bringing color and elegance into every room.

And who better to celebrate World Parents' Day than the famous photographer Anna Geddes?

Famous for her fairy-tale portraits of children, which capture with amazement the beauty and fragility of childhood, carrying forward the belief that every child should be protected and loved.

the Geddes Philanthropic Trust , the photographer's foundation, in 1992 donated a large part of the proceeds from the sale of the wide range of products designed by Anne Geddes to the prevention of child abuse and abandonment.

For our children here is the Anna Geddes collection . Bed linen in 100% natural cotton in high definition digital photographic print on cotton percale: cot set, baby sheet, 4-piece set with complete sack and bumper, cotton terry bib set and loose pillowcases. Size of cot, cot with bars and single bed.

Let yourself be inspired by our collections and give your home colour, warmth and harmony with Casahomewear!


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