Earth Day 22 April: Sustainable surprise ๐ŸŽ

Giornata della Terra 22 Aprile: sorpresa Sostenibile ๐ŸŽ

Casahomewear takes care of the earth all year round!

Thanks to the Happidea brand with its sustainable padding project for duvets, bedspreads and quilts with a green soul.

The 100% natural cotton cover contains soft wadding made from recycled PET. The plastic bottles that polluted seas and cities become a resource, an opportunity to clean up, recycle and reuse, without detracting from quality, softness and warmth.

Choose to renovate your bedroom with dream textiles, indulge in the naturalness of cotton fibres, combined with the sustainability of recycled PET padding.

For the occasion Happidea offers a special discount on padding:

EXTRA 10% discount * for the whole week on padding:

Code: PiuminoPlus

*the offer is valid until April 27th, on the Happidea padding line: ๐Ÿ‘‡

Have you ever thought you could help clean up seas, rivers, cities with a new article for your bed? Items that are not only beautiful but that protect our environment.

The transformation of PET allows you to save 50% of energy compared to the production of new one. PET recycling makes a contribution to the reduction of greenhouse gases, significantly less energy is used in the recycling process than in primary production.

From the melting process, PET releases only water, oxygen and carbon dioxide into the air, therefore becoming an easily recycled material. Through the process it does not lose its properties: transparency, limited weight, high resistance, durability, making it a highly appreciated material in recycling, used for fine products and infinitely recyclable.

The continuous improvement of production techniques allows a continuous increase in the range of applications, to the benefit of the recovery of materials that would otherwise only end up polluting the environment.

PET bottles for drinks can always be transformed into new bottles or new high-quality products, for this reason we are all called upon to provide our contribution in the collection, thinking that perhaps tomorrow we could find them in our home furnishings.


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