Spring dedicated to Biophilia

Primavera all'insegna della Biofilia

Spring is the season when you want to renovate your home, starting with bed linen, you prefer items with lighter and more airy fabrics, in search of maximum breathability ensured by natural fibers such as cotton.

From the light quilted bedspread, 100 grams in weight with recycled PET padding, to the piquet bedspread, to the cotton furnishing sheet or to the simple decorative sack for neutral padding, in Casahomewear you will find numerous proposals and a guide to choosing .

In the interior, biophilic design stands out, interpreted by Happidea and Cassera casa by reproducing in print designs inspired mainly by foliage, flowers and references to outdoor spaces with high definition photographic images.

After the time forced to be spent indoors in recent years, biophilic design is a decidedly increasing interior trend and will certainly remain throughout 2022, particularly in the bedroom, the place of relaxation par excellence. 

Here then is the choice to propose bedspreads with HD photographic prints that make you feel immersed in a field of flowers, on a pier contemplating the sea with seagulls, in addition to the traditional designs of flowers and leaves with delicate graphics that give an idea cool to the room.

The ideal solution for the nights that are becoming increasingly warmer is the 100% cotton pique bedspread with discreet raised weft workmanship which gives the fabric a textured effect, fresh and light to the touch.

For later spring, however, you can opt for bed sets consisting of a pillowcase, fitted sheet and the characteristic printed top sheet which satisfies the need for a decorative bedspread but without additional padding.

To celebrate spring, all the collections present a delicate and romantic touch, ideal for a bedroom that also transforms and lightens in style.


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