Tips for a healthy rest

Consigli per un sano riposo

It would be nice to discover the pleasure of a good restful sleep in the arms of Morpheus, which provides your awakening with all the energy needed to kick off your most intense days.

Many people have difficulty falling asleep, suffer from nocturnal awakenings or upon waking have the feeling of having recently closed their eyes and a feeling of tiredness.

World Sleep Day offers you the opportunity to pay the attention it deserves to the quality of your sleep and therefore to your health.

We recommend taking care of the space dedicated to rest: the bedroom must reconcile sleep and relaxation. The dim light triggers the production of melatonin, the hormone that promotes rest. The ideal temperature is between 16 and 19 degrees.

A good bed represents a first step towards greater well-being, it must evoke a soft welcome, it is the primary element, therefore the mattress, pillow, sheets and bedspread play a fundamental role.

At Casahomewear we prefer natural fibers for quality and properties, to protect health, well-being and comfort, natural materials are preferable to synthetic materials. They are excellently tolerated by the skin due to their characteristic thermal conductivity and hygroscopicity, their high absorbent power and breathability, which constitute fundamental elements for a healthy bed set.


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