Casahomewear reduces shipping costs

Casahomewear riduce le spese di spedizione e il carrello per la spedizione gratis

In these times when everything seems to increase in price, every expense weighs.

Everyone feels overwhelmed by rising costs. From energy to daily expenses, including petrol and food, every day we are faced with increasingly demanding economic challenges.

At Casahomewear, we are well aware of how much these dynamics can weigh on everyone's pockets. And precisely because we want to be a constant certainty for our customers, we have decided to take a further step at your side.

To show you how much we care about you and to make your online shopping even more advantageous, we are pleased to announce two great news:

  • Reduced standard shipping costs: Now, to receive your standard weight purchases you will only spend €5 throughout Italy.
  • Free shipping: For all orders starting from just €50, in Italy, let shipping costs be a thought that vanishes like leaves in the wind! We'll say goodbye to shipping costs.

These innovations represent our small contribution to help you in a period of growing economic challenges.

Welcome the Cold by Saving: With Casahomewear, the Season Changes but the Savings Remain.

As the leaves begin to fall and the air cools, it's inevitable to think about the change of season knocking on our doors. It is the moment when the warm embraces of summer give way to cool autumn breezes, a prelude to the advancing winter.

For many of us, this also means preparing for increasingly cold temperatures. And what better way to do this than by wrapping yourself in soft comforters, duvets and warm flannel sheets? Not only do they offer you unrivaled comfort, but they can also help you save on heating, keeping your bed warm and cozy during cold nights.

As the world around you changes and expenses only seem to grow, we want to be the certainty that helps you save:

  • Lower shipping costs
  • Free shipping with a reduced cart

Our determination to support you remains steadfast. With Casahomewear, you are always warm, both for products and prices.

We are waiting for you with the seasonal news, ready to make your autumn and winter warmer and more convenient.


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