World Whale Day, let's protect biodiversity 🐳

Giornata mondiale delle Balene, proteggiamo la biodiversità 🐳

I often like to remember the story of Paulo Coehlo and that little bird who, despite being aware of its small contribution to putting out the fire in the forest, did not give up on making it, in the only concrete usefulness of being able to be an example.

There are many choices with which each of us can make a contribution to the defense of biodiversity, contributing if not to stopping at least slowing down the destruction of habitat and the extinction of plants and animals.

There are recent images of the reconquest of some urban spaces by wild animals during the lockdown: families of wild boars walking on the sidewalks, roe deer raids, dolphins in the ports. So it took so little to have a new vision of coexistence?

There are numerous awareness campaigns in defense of animals, one of these is whaling in Japan, but also activities closer to us that are perhaps less well known.

Our contribution could start by keeping ourselves updated, joining some of these campaigns, choosing products from brands that donate part of the proceeds to animal and environmental protection actions.

CASAhomewear has chosen to support ENPA , the oldest association in Italy in defense of animals and their habitat.

It has also chosen to offer animal-friendly, eco-friendly padding made from recycled PET.

This is our small contribution.

Do you want to know more about our proposals?👇👇👇


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