Neo-pop Romero Britto sheets in CASAhomewear

Lenzuola Neo-pop Romero Britto in CASAhomewear

With a unique, lively and unmistakable style, with a very colorful cartoon style, Romero Britto is one of the most beloved and multifaceted names in the international artistic world.

He has collaborated with numerous important companies such as Disney, Evian , Philips , creating a total look world for lovers of the style mix of pop art, cubism and graffiti.

Now it is also possible to choose to have the sheets signed by the Brazilian artist, painter, sculptor, screen printer. An open soul that is expressed in the pleasant style of the designs proposed for the bed set, quilt and duvet cover set that Casahomewear has chosen to offer you for the bedroom of children and teenagers ina single size. A proposal in line with current trends, lovers of pop art, street art and cartoons style.

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