Desire for the mountains

Voglia di Montagna

Maybe it's the arrival of the first snow, maybe it's the intense cold that's starting to be felt, don't you feel like going to the mountains? These days our chalet mood references are highly sought after. Also because let's face it, it is enough to dress the rooms of your home with the right items, without necessarily having a house in a mountain resort, to immediately feel the air of a chalet.

So make way for deer, snowflakes, sleighs and mountain profiles, but also traditional Scottish tartans, green, red, but also snow white and rock grey.

And here is the Casahomewear chalet mood collection: bed set, duvet cover, quilt, soft flannels, throws, furnishing cushions, tablecloths, kitchen sets and American sets. Feel free to wander into any home environment in the Casahomewear shop or click on the link below and go directly to the chalet 😉

But don't forget to enter your choices in the cart to find out if there is a DISCOUNT reserved for you 👍

Desire for mountains Home Linen – Casahomewear


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