Get ready to receive 🎄 Casahomewear table proposal for the holidays

Preparati a ricevere per le Feste 🎄 proposta tavola Casahomewear

The holidays are approaching, with numerous convivial commitments: receiving relatives or friends offers a moment of pleasant escape, but preceded by numerous commitments.

Certainly after the careful choice of the menu, the absolute protagonist of the mise en table is the tablecloth.

The choice of size must be proportionate to the table. A tablecloth that is too precise would lose its importance, the ideal drop should be between 30cm and 50cm. A greater fall would risk being a hindrance to the diners who are seated. However, it is different if you intend to opt for a standing dinner, the table habillée can be abundant, even down to the floor.

The Masterpro collection by Carlo Cracco gives a touch of originality, offering in addition to the traditional tablecloth, an elegant coordinated runner, perfect both as a table centerpiece to enrich the dining table during the Christmas period, and as a vis a vis runner, and as a placemat for the aperitif table. A double solution therefore: guests standing or in the sofa corner for the aperitif and guests seated for dinner.

A set of well-chosen elements has made this collection a real best seller. Sold out in a few days, reordered several times, we wondered what made these tableware references so sought after:

- the refined and elegant style, chosen by the starred chef, which seems to fully correspond to the needs of customers who have rediscovered the pleasure of receiving guests at home in style, fully embracing the desire to offer their guests an important mise en table , a sign of attention and consideration towards one's guests;

- the contingent situation which sometimes makes it difficult to meet in public places, leading to a preference for meeting in private;

- the prestigious, useful and tasteful gift idea;

- the excellent quality-price ratio, with a limited budget it is possible to purchase a 100% made in Italy product, in natural cotton, printed with the most modern technologies and with non-toxic and eco-compatible dyes.

In short, a perfect mix, to certainly be proposed for the upcoming holidays: CHRISTMAS and NEW YEAR, but certainly also for every evening at home where you want to have a chic touch on the table.

With the wish of a pleasant evening in company 🎉

Happy Holidays with CASAhomewear


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