Art Bed - Collection of the Academy's young artists

Letto ad Arte - Collezione dei giovani artisti dell'Accademia

Casahomewear opens its doors to young artists by promoting the Letto ad Arte Collection, born from the competition proposed to young artists of the Giacomo Carrara Academy of Fine Arts in Bergamo, invited to think about the theme by creating a work in complete freedom, without preclusions of technique and expressive mode.

The winning works were able to interpret the place of sleep, dreams, love, joy and solitude with particular mastery.

The works of the artists awarded in the competition were then declined into a collection of bed linens, full of charm and originality, with products that are not only exclusively functional but with the intention of activating the thoughts, emotions and sensations of everyone in the spirit moved by every single artist.

The result is a collection full of charm and originality but with particular attention to the quality of the 100% made in Italy products:

- bed sets, duvet covers, bedspreads in pure cotton satin

- artistic reproductions with high definition digital prints in reactive dyes to guarantee greater brilliance and resistance

- artisanal finishes by highly qualified Italian garment makers.

Furthermore, part of the proceeds from the collection will be allocated to young artists individually and to the promotion of other themed competitions.

Benedetta Micale , Chiara Gualtieri , Elisa Rossoni , Nicole Russo and Nicola Zanni are the young artists who present the awarded works, the videos of the creation of the works themselves and the preparatory sketches of the images for the reading references are visible on the site, in a sort of backstage of development that led to the creation of each garment.

The collection is a limited edition, signed by the artist, buy it here 👇

Artful Bed Linen – Casahomewear

See Benedetta Micale's video 👇

Casahomewear (@casahomewear) • Instagram photos and videos

See Chiara Gualtieri's video 👇

Casahomewear (@casahomewear) • Instagram photos and videos

See Elisa Rossoni's video 👇

Casahomewear (@casahomewear) • Instagram photos and videos

See Nicole Russo's video 👇

Casahomewear (@casahomewear) • Instagram photos and videos

See Nicola Zanni's video 👇

Casahomewear (@casahomewear) • Instagram photos and videos

If you want to see the creation VIDEO click HERE 👇

If you want to browse the COLLECTION click HERE 👇

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October 25, 2021

Nicole Russo

Chiara Gualtieri

Nicola Zanni

Elisa Rossoni

Benedetta Micale


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