Pet-friendly sheets in support of ENPA - Amici a 4 Zampe collection

Lenzuola pet-friendly a sostegno di ENPA - collezione Amici a 4 Zampe

There are many ways to support the animal protection association and now also by purchasing a coordinated bed for adults or children from CASAhomewear.

If there is an image of a dog or cat, for each item purchased, CASAhomewear will activate the contribution to ENPA (National Animal Protection Agency).

The collaboration with ENPA was born from CASAhomewear's desire to support the oldest animal rights association - since 1871 - spread throughout the national territory. With this pet friendly line the aim is to support the mission of ENPA which, through the work of its volunteers in the area, looks after over 80,000 animals of every species and breed every year.

The shelters are teeming with elderly animals who often, due to the death of their owners, are catapulted from a peaceful and quiet domestic life to that of a facility, bringing with them a baggage of great suffering and the need for love. Those who want to adopt an animal tend to embrace the idea of ​​a puppy more easily, without considering that a "grandparent" still has a lot to give without expecting anything. They have greater need of love and care, warmth and attention precisely because they are more fragile and vulnerable.

By choosing a reference in CASAhomewear from the four-legged friends line, you side with ENPA and contribute to the care of a grandparent hosted in one of the Animal Protection shelters.

ENPA requires that its partners must guarantee not only the maximum quality of the products and services offered, but also that they share the aims contained in their statute in the " European Manifesto for Animal Rights " developed by CARE, as well as naturally respecting the ethical standards for workers' rights and environmental protection.

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