Warm up autumn evenings! Household linens Casahomewear

Riscalda le serate d'autunno! Biancheria per la casa Casahomewear

Autumn has arrived and with it the first storms which don't just freshen the air but bring into the house that humidity that makes you want to light the fireplace, wrap yourself up on the sofa in a soft throw and maybe even fill the duvet cover bags on the bed.

Here are some suggestions to complete your household linen wardrobe and best combine practicality, style and comfort.

- The Duvet Cover Set is a convenient solution for those who have a special size mattress or for those who like to personalize their set by choosing thefitted sheet in the color or pattern. The duvet cover set is in fact a bed set consisting of a pillowcase and bag, you can also choose the corner from the many Casahomewear proposals also for mattresses up to 35cm high.

- The Complete Bag is a 3-piece bed set: pillowcase, bag and fitted sheet in matching color and standard size.

In Casahomewear you will only find duvet covers in 100% natural cotton to choose from organic, canvas , percale , satin , yarn-dyed and soft flannel .

With the arrival of the first cold weather, the duvet cover bag will be extremely comfortable because it can be padded with soft, warm and light padding .

In Casahomewear you will find ecological duvets of different weights. The covering is in 100% cotton and the interior is made through a virtuous process of recycling PET bottles, the very ones that pollute our cities and our seas. Did you know that they are reusable obtaining a soft, light and warm padding?

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But which padding to choose from the different weights offered in Casahomewear?

- 100 g duvet is the lightest, ideal for the summer season, for warm people or for very heated bedrooms between 18 and 22 degrees.

- 300 g duvet is the heaviest, ideal for the winter season, very warm, ideal for those sensitive to the cold or for environments with heating around 15 degrees.

- 4 season duvet is made up of a 200 gram + 100 gram duvet that can be used together or separately: in mid-season the light one, in the first cold weather the intermediate one and in the intense cold the combination of the two. It is therefore the perfect compromise for every season.


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