Passione Green the Fuori Salone Milano 2021 seen by Casahomewear

Installazione Guzzini Design week Milano 2021 PET riciclato

It will be the strongly green theme, it will be the strong desire to walk in complete freedom of post-pandemic spirit (green - also - pass permitting), it will be the drive to seize the moment in fear of soon having to lock oneself up again or the whole of all these elements, but this outside Salone Design Week Milan 2021 has really won us over.

Casahomewear walked around the city of Milan the two days before the opening of the Show and captured all the charm of the installations as a metaphor for rebirth: Giovannoni's Survival ark ready to leave for salvation, the sustainable architecture, the intertwining of nature and technology, the numerous symbolic invitations to introspective reflection aimed at finding a plan for the future that starts from the roots of the past, for the recognition of corrective improvement actions.

The Fuori Salone is so rich that our few quotes will certainly be limiting, but we hope that they can simply be an invitation to a visit, between 4 and 10 September, a walk in this Milan that is increasingly greener and more beautiful every day .

Let's start from the representative hive made up of 22 yellow beds, covered in soft and shiny fabric made from recycled PET bottles with PerDormire . The mind cannot help but think of the humanitarian campaign to promote the values ​​of biodiversity and female empowerment, Woman for Bees , born from the excellent partnership between Guerlain , UNESCO and Ota and of which Angelina Jolie is the exceptional godmother; but also to our little world of Casahomewear, to the Happidea quilt collection, available for 2 years now, in 100% natural cotton, with a soft and warm ecological padding also obtained from recyclable PET bottles .

A sustainable commitment therefore, which reminds us of the opportunity to be able to remedy the waste that has polluted our habitat with plastic.

We find the same message in Guzzini 's proposed walk on crumpled PET bottles, among columns of flakes and polymers which gives hope for a cleaner sea, with the new collection of tableware with simple lines and delicate colors directly inspired by the natural world, but above all the result of a virtuous circuit made for the future .

The exhibition of the monographs of the Renzo Piano Foundation at the entrance to the Aula Magna of the University is very interesting: from the Center Pompidou, to the Beyeler Foundation, from Ponte San Giorgio to the California Academy of Science, we find excerpts of phrases from the well-known Italian architect, drawings and sketches, some even on the waste bag of a flight, because creativity when it is genius does not stop.

If you pass by Piazza San Fedele, don't be surprised by the inflatable with giant blades of grass, it is the macro version of the iconic Pratone Gufram sofa which celebrates its 50th anniversary by becoming a maxi Pratone, it doesn't fit into the living room but you can slide inside like the Maya bee among the blades of grass 🤭

The greenest walk is undoubtedly in the Brera botanical park , set up for the occasion with a view to conservation and decarbonisation , the result of careful scientific research.

But did you know that a single man emits more than 28,000 kg of CO2 in a month? And if you want to find out how much CO2 each type of plant present in the botanical park can store and therefore clean up, I invite you to take a tour of Brera and perhaps like us you will leave with the desire to create a vegetable garden at home, if you don't already have one.

Last tip: every corner of the design district is buzzing with events, if you happen to pass by MILAN, also take a look at the events on the calendar and maybe like us you will be thrilled by discovering splendid historic buildings which surprisingly contain wonderful gardens within them secrets.

A good green choice for everyone!


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