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Let's face it, who doesn't love sales season? What if even in household linen, as often happens with clothing, we had a little guide to make the most of them? Unlike that wonderful dress that we wore once - and then relegated it to the corner of the wardrobe destined for "I'll wear it again when I have the chance" or those magnificent shoes, perfect just for peeking out from under the table, for example a special dinner but with which it is almost impossible to walk - household linen is mostly a purchase of necessity and rarely a purchase of impulse and passion. Let us therefore think first of all about the use we make of them, we often overlook the fact that we spend 1/3 of our life in bed, if only for this reason the sheets that are in direct contact with our skin for so long deserve particular attention, don't you think so?

An essential element is the composition: we prefer natural fibres, a guarantee of breathability, comfort, softness and resistance, to which ethical/environmental reasons are also added.

Of course, synthetic fibers are cheaper, but then why not take advantage of the sales to choose a higher quality product at an advantageous price?

Purchasing 100% cotton household linen is a healthy choice, to the benefit of our skin which benefits from the natural transpiration of natural fibers which absorb humidity and quickly release it to the outside. Sheets and pillowcases in 100% natural fiber are ideal for sensitive or allergic skin, and not just children. The high rate of transpiration and moisture dispersion of natural fibers acts as a natural antibacterial, unlike synthetic fabrics which retain them and are often the cause of allergies, skin rashes, itching, obviously to the detriment of healthy restful rest.

It is no coincidence that natural fibers are at the basis of the new green and sustainable trends: durable, recyclable, which generate organic, biodegradable waste at the end of their life.

Cotonificio Zambaiti has been producing articles in natural cotton fiber for over half a century, the company mission is already in the name. In Casahomewear, the online shop of Cotonificio Zambaiti, you can find a wide range of household items produced in textile fiber extracted from vegetable raw material, which gives life to the natural fabrics at the base of sheets, pillowcases, duvet covers and bedspreads.

So enjoy all the pleasant awakening of a healthy sleep in a natural fiber bed, choose from cotton yarn fabrics: canvas, percale, satin, muslin, flannel. All united by the woven cotton thread to create the most suitable fabric for you.

For the cold winter nights let yourself be pampered by the softness of warm flannel cotton. You can choose the traditional bed set consisting of pillowcase, fitted sheet and top sheet; or the more modern duvet cover bag also in a set, consisting of a pillowcase and bag to which you can add the flannel fitted sheet to choose from different colors and fill the bag with a warm duvet.

Take advantage of the sales, flannel at the fair:

Or choose from our 100% cotton Happidea duvets with recycled PET padding, light, warm and easy to wash even in the washing machine. To choose between the different weights: 300 grams or 4 seasons with 100 grams combined with 200 grams with small velcros which also allow use separately in mid-seasons.

The advantage of sales is that you can also make a purchase that you can use all year round, suitable for every season. Choose sheets in cotton canvas, percale or satin and they will be perfect both now and in warmer weather.

Choose now from the seasonal sales:

In full green trend you can choose from the soft quilts of the Happidea line, as well as being made of 100% natural cotton on both the front and back, they have a warm padding in cotton and recycled PET. You can have it now at special prices with the Happidea warm quilt sales:

If you love the traditional, classic style and are looking for a unique, timeless purchase, destined to last over time, take a look at the historic brand Cassera Casa, which has been producing traditional quality household linen since 1928. In the collection you will find fabrics made from natural cotton thread, such as 200 TC percale or 300 TC satin, with fine finishes, insertions of rat tails, dense bourdon embroidery, applications in contrasting colours, peek here to find the last remaining pieces on sale: https: //

Happy Shopping!

with Casahomewear and Cotonificio Zambaiti


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