Are you preparing for the Season Change?

Ti stai preparando al Cambio Stagione?

Change of season upon us!

The winter could be particularly cold, energy saving measures are expected to be necessary to cope with the reduction in gas consumption and disproportionate bills.

You are preparing?

THE duvet cover bags they will be filled with heavier padding and the 300grm2 winter duvets will replace the light 100grm2 padding . If you have already purchased a 4-season duvet you just need to attach the two paddings to add the two weights and ensure a warm rest.

Soft sheets Cotton flannels are wonderful for the tailwinds of winter, but they will be even more so if our thermostat needs to be kept low. And if you really fear the cold, you can combine the quality of soft cotton flannel with the warmth of a winter duvet, choosing from our proposals for winter duvet cover sets in warm cotton flannel, into which you can insert the duvet of the weight you prefer. And the cold in bed is averted 😉

But if you are a lover of the traditional complete bed in cotton or the most elegant complete bed cover in cotton satin, you will have to resign yourself to covering yourself by adding a warm and soft quilt heavy winter decorative 300grm2, perhaps contributing to environmental protection by choosing Happidea ecological padding in recycled cotton and PET, an eco-sustainable recycling choice that takes nothing away from the pleasure of sleeping nestled under a soft blanket of warmth.

And let's not forget your favorite corner: your reading chair or your sofa while watching your favorite series on TV. You can only imagine yourself wrapped in warm and soft plaid , whether made of padded sanded cotton, or pile or fleece whatever you want to say, it is absolutely indispensable with a steaming cup of coffee or chocolate. So let's start the season change!

And here is our small contribution to the difficult situation:

Casahomewear offers you various solutions with a super advantageous price and additional discounts on matching products, if you can't find them by visiting us, contact us, it will be a pleasure to give our contribution by wishing everyone a not too cold winter.

Special September for you!

With the duvet cover you can add the duvet of any weight with a 20% discount CODE: PlusPiumino

On the new collections by choosing an entire bed set: matching bed set + quilt you can get a 20% discount CODE: Very complete


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