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Collezione biancheria casa Paola Marella

Elegant and charismatic, Paola Marella is a woman and a professional always ready to take on new challenges. He enthusiastically agreed to create a collection of home linens with Cotonificio Zambaiti.

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A contemporary and refined line that comes from its pop soul, which plays with colors and patterns, capable of satisfying the most diverse needs and tastes and bringing the beauty of textile tradition into every home at an accessible price.

With her unmistakable white quiff, Paola Marella is an undisputed style icon and well-known face on the small screen where she hosted highly successful formats such as “I'm selling a house desperately”, “I'm looking for a house desperately”, “A dream for rent” and “A you the keys." Appreciated real estate developer with a degree in Interior Architecture at the Polytechnic of Milan, author of publications dedicated to furnishings and teacher of Home Styling courses, Paola Marella is much loved on social media where her shots never go unnoticed and her advice and suggestions on interior design - always easy to put into practice and not expensive - are followed by many followers!

“ I enthusiastically accepted Cotonificio Zambaiti's proposal to create a collection of household linens not only because it is one of the major Italian companies operating in the textile sector but because, like me, it believes in the values ​​of Made in Italy, in the ability of our artisans to create high quality, aesthetically beautiful and eco-sustainable products ” – declares Paola Marella “I have always had a passion for textiles because furnishing fabrics are among the protagonists of our homes, they define the style and allow us to change the atmosphere of our environments without excessive investments! ” - continues Marella –“The 'Casa Metropolitana' collection was born from my passion for cementine, the decorated cement tiles born in Italy at the end of the nineteenth century which, with their elegant and refined geometric and floral motifs, have made the history of coverings for floors, anticipating some elements of pop art by a few decades. So I thought of a textile collection, in pure cotton, for the bedroom and for the table and kitchen capable of reinterpreting, updating it, the charm of those unforgettable tiles! Real furnishing elements that play with patterns and colors capable of fitting into any environment and being appreciated both by lovers of vintage style and by those who prefer contemporary style. The names that I wanted to give to the individual lines of the 'Casa Metropolitana' collection - Fiori Chiari, Borgonuovo, Bigli, etc., are those of the streets of the neighborhood of my Milan that I love most: Brera! A neighborhood with timeless charm where you can breathe history and culture, where art dialogues with design and fashion. A place capable of always looking to the future while maintaining its eternal charm unaltered ” concludes Paola Marella.


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