World Water Day: an eco-sustainable choice, digitally printed underwear

Giornata mondiale dell'acqua: una scelta ecosostenibile, biancheria con stampa digitale

CASAhomewear has selected numerous household linen items offered with digital printing , let's find out what it is?

Let's imagine a printer very similar to the paper-based inkjet printer we have at home but much, much larger.

Digital printing on fabric requires cutting-edge technology and qualified personnel to process detailed instructions for the designs and colors in an electronic file.

The instructions transmitted from the file to the ink-jet printing machine allow very precise quantities of liquid ink to be transferred to any point of the fabric, avoiding waste of colours, without limitations on shades or chromatic details, it is able to reproduce with maximum precision even photographic images

The printing quality is very high, with extremely low energy and water consumption compared to traditional printing techniques.

We care about respect for the environment and your health, therefore we choose non-toxic and eco-compatible dyes, OEKO-TEX certified products.

With digital printing on fabric, the result is therefore a higher quality product:

- no color limits

- very soft print imperceptible to the touch

- long-lasting because it directly colors the fabric fibres


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