Bed linen in yarn-dyed fabric made by Cassera Casa

Biancheria da letto in tessuto tinto filo realizzato da Cassera Casa

Yarn-dyed fabric differs from piece-dyed fabric in that it is made from the loom weaving of yarns dyed in both the warp and weft.

Generally, piece-dyed fabrics are used to make household linen, i.e. canvases made with neutral-coloured threads which are piece-dyed or printed after the spinning process.

The yarn-dyed fabric ensures superior resistance to both wear and washing, furthermore since each thread that makes up the weave is previously dyed, the right and wrong sides of each garment are the same, with a natural double-sided effect.

Therefore choosing yarn-dyed household linen means selecting a high-quality product:

- maximum fastness (color fastness)

- colors of weaves with the same obverse and reverse

- multicolor effects given by colored threads intertwined in different numbers


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