Let's face the change of season as best we can, some advice

Affrontiamo al meglio il cambio di stagione, qualche consiglio

The fateful spring cleaning begins!

Did you know that the traditional special cleaning of the house for spring originates from a Jewish ritual corresponding to Easter?

But let's see some advice for storing, adapting to the season or replacing the kit.

First of all, it should be prudently remembered that the tailwinds of winter are frequent, therefore, although you can put away the winter duvet or quilts (weight 300grm2), let's wait to put away the warm, soft and soft cotton flannel sets.

Inside the duvet cover bags we can remove the heavy padded items and insert 100grm2 or 150grm2 duvets. Those who have already purchased a 4-season duvet will simply have to choose which of the two parts to keep: the heavy one if they are sensitive to the cold or the light one if they are warm. Our Happidea fritz duvet with recycled PET padding is covered in 100% natural cotton and therefore easily water washable in the washing machine with the synthetic program to keep the internal padding soft. Those who have a tumbler/dryer can opt for drying by selecting the synthetic or outdoor program (depending on the tumbler models) and to keep the padding soft it is advisable to select at the end of the program about ten minutes of hot air or defrosting at depending on the type of tumbler. If there is no dryer, air drying is perfect, but with the recommendation to shake the garment well before hanging it and not place it under the direct rays of the sun when it is very hot. Natural white cotton may yellow due to the burning of the fibers by the sun's rays. Attention! the padding should not be ironed by placing it heavily and compressing it. The padding fibers could melt and lose their softness and thickness, it is better to turn on the steam to maximum and touch it delicately.

Now let's think about the ideal fabrics for each season.

It has been established that pure cotton flannel is very warm, for warm people cotton canvas , percale and satin are ideal fabrics for every season.

For the summer heat, cotton muslin , also known as egg skin due to its characteristic lightness, is an absolute must try.

Now some notes of color, or rather of perfume! To clean the drawers and shelves where we store the laundry, we recommend a natural solution: dissolve a spoonful of bicarbonate and 30 drops of lavender in water in a spray bottle.

Among the laundry you can opt for the traditional sachet of lavender or chalk scented with lavender essential oil, a natural flower that boasts cleansing, disinfectant, antiseptic properties and keeps moths away.


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