The lockdown-proof home: testing and purchasing with Augmented Reality

La casa a prova di lockdown: test e acquisto con la Realtà Aumentata

We are once again in the red zone, again in lockdown but, with the arrival of spring, that irrepressible desire for details that make the house spring-like is triggered.

With the CASAhomewear app it is possible to take advantage of Augmented Reality to consult, choose and have what you like best on your bed at home.

The journalist Noemi Penna, author of the newspaper La Stampa , talks about it in the recent article of March 23rd.

"After more than a year in which we spent much more time at home than usual, it crossed everyone's mind to change or update rooms to better adapt them to smartworking, to Dad."

After spending so much time at home we all want to renovate our home. With textiles and accessories, a small budget is enough to transform environments with fresh, spring-like notes of colour. Furthermore, with our #CLUBVIP promos, in an instant it is possible to renovate your bedroom, bathroom, bedroom, kitchen or living room by interpreting our advice.

For those with a "Green" soul, Casahomewear has many options to offer you, as also reported in the article of last March 19th.

We recycle the plastic collected at sea, using it for the soft padding for Happidea quilts and duvets, we choose non-toxic and eco-compatible dyes, OEKO-TEX certified, we create packs of sheets and duvet covers useful as cushion covers for furnishings and bedspread bags in reusable laundry bins, because we care about your health and respect for the environment.


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