Let's celebrate National Sea Day every day: by recycling!

Celebriamo ogni giorno la giornata nazionale del mare: riciclando!

Since 2018 , National Sea Day has been established with the aim of raising awareness of greater respect for the sea, a fundamental resource of unique importance in every place, but perhaps even more so for Italy with its 700,000km of coastline, lapped from this precious asset. It is each country's commitment to provide 100% sustainable management of national waters by 2025 with broad-spectrum projects. For years, numerous press releases have made each of us attentive to the need to protect the marine ecosystem by preserving it from pollution, in particular from the plastic that pours into the sea every year.

I invite you to read " Pastic free nursery rhymes" by Mimmo Mollica , which in addition to being an excellent mnemonic exercise for children, are, in their immediacy, a splendid food for thought.

Casahomewear has chosen to offer quilted bedspreads with padding coming from recycled PET , recovered from seas and cities. The collected bottles are reduced to flakes that arrive in a Bergamo plant that uses GRS (global recycled standard) certified raw materials to guarantee a controlled supply chain. Through the extrusion process the flakes are melted to obtain the polymers that make up the yarn first and then the soft wadding.

The result is a light, warm, soft quilted bedspread enclosed in 100% natural cotton on both the front and back and with an excellent quality/price ratio.

- natural and eco-friendly product

- recycled product

- sustainable product


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