Have you ever thought that we spend 1/3 of our lives in bed?


We worry a lot about dermatitis caused by what we wear. A study by the European Community Commission has revealed how the increase in dermatitis in recent years is mostly due to the chemical agents with which the fibers are treated. We worry about what we eat or drink, the recent pandemic has made us more attentive to what we breathe, we pay attention to the clothing we choose, perhaps without realizing that we spend on average 1/3 of our lives in bed.

How best to choose fabrics that are in contact with our skin for so many hours a day?

If the chemical substances used in the production process are the main cause of skin irritation, choosing an item produced in Italy could already be a guarantee in itself, since, unlike other countries (for example China from which most of textile products), in Italy there is a strict production protocol.

However, if we think that "made in..." is enough to make us aware, unfortunately this is not the case, because the legislation provides that only a few processing phases are sufficient to associate a product, for example, with "made in Italy". .

So how can we protect ourselves?

Prefer Italian producers with a verticalized or traceable industrial process at every manufacturing stage.

Prefer natural fibres, such as cotton, which by their nature guarantee greater skin breathability and establish a stronger bond with the color molecules, reducing the risk of irritation.

It is good practice to always wash the items purchased, you will notice how in the first washes at high temperatures, the darker items release color.

So for a healthy bed, in which to spend 1/3 of our life:

- prefer natural fibres

- check labels and certifications

- wash clothes before use


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