World Earth Day: unique space in which to live, taking care of it is vital.

Giornata mondiale della terra: spazio unico in cui convivere, averne cura è vitale.

CASAhomewear embraces Happidea 's eco-sustainable project and on the occasion of World Earth Day promotes some of the most successful articles of the well-known Italian brand.

Happidea recycles ! is the slogan and each customer becomes an integral part of a virtuous cycle for the benefit of nature and the territory, in order to guarantee a healthier environment for future generations.

The entire Happidea spring summer collection is pleasantly presented in a catalog made on recycled paper, as are the pendants and inserts in the individual products.

The products of the Premium and HD lines are 4 times eco-sustainable:

- the products are made of natural fibres, 100% cotton, no microfibre and no petroleum derivatives

- the padding of the quilted bedspreads is made of recycled PET and comes from bottles collected from seas and cities

- the prints are made with ink jet machines with low water consumption and without any waste of dyes

- the product packaging is not the usual plastic bags but strictly natural cotton bags: for bed sets and duvet cover sets they are transformed into practical decorative cushions while the quilted bedspread pack can be reused as a laundry bag. a-sack-laundry-holder.html questo-e-la-giornata-della-terra/


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