Chromotherapy in CASAhomewear for World Color Day

Cromoterapia in CASAhomewear per la giornata mondiale del colore

On the occasion of World Color Day we propose some colorful ideas for your home. The science of color suggests how each shade transmits a sensation which is naturally also influenced by the environment and character inclinations. To each their own colour!

Playing with colour, according to your mood, using textile items for the home is easy: bed sets, sponges, carpets, sofa and armchair covers, tablecloths, towels in the kitchen or bathroom, decorative cushions... they have the advantage of being easily interchangeable and not expensive.

In the bedroom, to help in choosing the most suitable bed set, there is our app which can be downloaded for free from the App store and GooglePlay, which allows you to see directly on the bed at home, taking advantage of augmented reality, the design and the color that "skin" is for us.

Before going into the details of the colours, a general note: light colors tend to visually enlarge the perception of space, on the contrary, dark colors make them smaller and bright colors convey lively sensations. The combination of light and dark colors emphasizes both shades, creating pleasant visual aspects; the use of different shades in the chromatic scale conveys overall harmony and breadth.

Pastel colors : delicate and soft, give a feeling of freshness, help to illuminate an environment, especially white .

Warm colours: red is the color of energy and passion, it generally has an exciting effect, transmitting the desire to live; yellow is the color of the sun and life, a stimulating and energizing colour, capable of influencing us by making us happy; Orange gives warmth and energy with an anti-fatigue effect that can help concentration. Pink is the color of femininity, delicacy and relaxation are the sensations it instills.

The cold colors: light blue and blue have a very relaxing effect that induces calm, reflection and harmony; green is the color of nature, fresh, reassuring and calming; Brown is the color of the earth, in the right shades it transmits warmth and strength, but in others dark sadness as well as purple , which if in some color tones can sadden, in the right tones it instead relaxes and induces sleep.

Black and white and the intermediate scales deserve a separate discussion. If black is the color of the night par excellence, it represents darkness and mystery as well as charm and elegance. Grey, in particular in its warmer grège variant, is considered the color of modernity, it can combine, in the right color tones, a sense of elegance but in others it can appear aseptic, grey, sadden and convey coldness, the ideal combination would be to other bright colors such as yellow or lime. White is the main color of the 'linen' references for the home, as the name itself suggests, it spreads a sense of purity, candour, order, cleanliness but be careful not to make it monotonous.

And what about the spaces of the house?

Warm and energizing colors are suitable inthe kitchen , but also white, natural and gray which communicate a sense of cleanliness.

In children's bedrooms, warm colors are particularly suitable and in intense and lively shades they can stimulate good mood and creativity.

In the bedroom, cold and relaxing colors are recommended, such as blue, green, lilac and violet which help to induce sleep.

In the dining room, yellows, oranges and mixed colors that stimulate the appetite are very suitable.

In thebathroom, both warm colors in intense shades and white and gray that give a sense of cleanliness or the colors of nature for absolute relaxation can work.


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