World Environment Day, June 5th and every day of ours

Giornata mondiale dell'ambiente, il 5 giugno e ogni nostro giorno

Tomorrow, June 5th, a special anniversary will be celebrated: the environmental conference held in Stockholm in 1972.

A successful celebration, as long as it achieves the aim of moving people towards greater protection and respect for the environment as a lifestyle: a noble cause that involves each of us, as guests of a single Earth.

Everyone is called to provide their own contribution in the choices of daily living, choices that become conscious.

Even with the choice of household linen we can contribute to preserving the planet, here are some suggestions:

- preferring 100% natural , biodegradable, eco-sustainable fibres

- selecting digital printing products, a type of printing with reduced water consumption and limited consumption of dyes

- requiring that the products are certified, dyed and printed withnon-toxic and environmentally friendly dyes

- choosing synthetic quilts and duvets with recycled PET padding , because reducing waste is essential to refine the ability to reuse, consuming intelligently to the advantage of circular regeneration processes

- preferring products that contribute to the support of associations for the protection of the environment , the protection of animals and their habitat (e.g. ENPA)

- preferring products that have an eco-sustainable pack , in recycled or reusable PET, such as the proposals of the Happidea brand collections in which the pack becomes the lining of a pleasant decorative furniture cushion or a functional laundry bag

You can find all this in Casahomewear, which has chosen to make its own contribution by promoting ecofriendly and petfriendly collections.


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