Discounts in Casahomewear

Discounts cannot be combined.

The discounts expire as indicated in the issue or annually if not indicated (31.12) of the current year.

Discounts currently in effect:


CUSTOMERS who sign up to the newsletter will receive a coupon code via email which allows them to obtain a 10% discount on their first purchase.


Extract from the General Conditions of Sale | last revised November 25, 2019

5. Gift vouchers and discount vouchers

5.1 Casahomewear Srl offers users the opportunity to purchase gift vouchers or receive discount vouchers.

5.2 Casahomewear Srl  may, at its sole discretion,  give way to  reward initiatives, which due to the way they are carried out are not considered either competitions or prize operations, and, therefore, may,  according to criteria determined at its sole discretion, attribute to Customers, or to some categories of Customers, the possibility of enjoying discounts to be used in the immediate or subsequent purchase of some Products or additional quantities of products. In this case, the criteria for obtaining the right to the discount or additional quantities of Products and the methods of use will be published on the Site on the [ Discount Policy ] page.

5.3 Discount vouchers and gift vouchers will be issued virtually, with a code indicated for each voucher. The seller is not responsible for the improper use of the discount voucher and/or gift voucher by third parties other than the holders of the vouchers, who must take care to keep the aforementioned code confidential. 

5.4 The time validity and value of the gift voucher and discount voucher are specified at the time the voucher is issued. Upon expiration, discount vouchers and gift vouchers expire and lose their value. In the case of discount coupons offered by  Casahomewear Srl  in correspondence with a specific offer, these vouchers cannot be used for other offers.

5.5 Gift vouchers are transferable and assignable to third parties. Discount coupons, however, are not  non-transferable or transferable. Gift vouchers and discount vouchers  They are not convertible into cash nor do they accrue interest. Gift vouchers and discount vouchers  they cannot be divided and their use extinguishes them, even if the amount enjoyed is less than the amount of the voucher. Gift vouchers and/or discount vouchers cannot be combined.

5.6 Discount vouchers cannot be used to pay shipping costs.

5.7 Casahomewear Srl reserves the right not to accept discount vouchers  for orders of less than a certain amount. Casahomewear Srl  undertakes to make this circumstance known at the time of the Customer's order.

5.8 In the event that the amount of the gift voucher (since it is a disposable instrument) or the discount voucher exceeds the purchase amount, Casahomewear Srl  will not refund or credit the remaining amount to the Customer.

5.9 In the event that the Customer's order  exceeds the value of the gift voucher or discount voucher, the difference in amount can be paid by the user using the normal means of payment referred to in the previous section.

5.10 Casahomewear Srl will accept only one discount voucher or one gift voucher  by order. 

5.11 In case of returns for exercise of the right of withdrawal, or not dependent on Casahomewear Srl, the discount vouchers  they will not be refundable. In case of returns due to exercise of the right of withdrawal, or not dependent on Casahomewear Srl, the gift vouchers  they will be refunded up to the value of the returned product.