Baby Sponge Set - Ecotone - Natural Honeycomb

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Wrap your baby in the natural softness of the Baby Sponge Set with certified organic cotton yarn. The Triangolo plus Glove features a line specifically designed to offer maximum comfort and practicality while you take care of your baby.

The 100% organic cotton yarn fabric of the highest quality makes the Ecotone Baby Sponge Set highly absorbent and durable over time, without losing its softness.

A weight of 220g and the honeycomb design makes the Baby Sponge Set light, but at the same time gives it comfort and softness.

The Ecotone sponge line has enjoyed great success for years, above all due to its undisputed quality.

Each garment is made with GOTS certified pure cotton fibers to let you savor the naturalness of the fabric on the skin and carefully crafted with the best technologies.

Due to the quality of the yarns and weaving, these products last a long time and remain soft even after numerous washes.

Sizes & Colors

Each Baby Ecotone Sponge Set is composed of a Triangle measuring 75x75 and a glove measuring 23x17




To maintain softness and maintain absorbency over time, the maintenance of terry cloth garments is fundamental and delicate.

For sponge products, machine washing at a maximum of 40° is recommended.

It is strongly not recommended to bleach the garment.

As regards drying, it is advisable to dry the garments flat and unfolded in a warm, dry place, paying attention to colors that fade under the sun.

It is possible to use the dryer as it keeps the sponge much softer,


Casahomewear presents ECOTONE, a line of home textile products in certified organic cotton.

A 100% organic line:

From the cultivation of sustainable, ecological and ethical cotton, 100% natural with the use only of organic fertilizers without pesticides and without the use of chemical substances.

To the coloring of the garment using OEKOTEX100 certified colours.

Non-stressed, softer and long-lasting fibers that give the garment excellent breathability, ideal for those suffering from dermatitis and allergies.

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