Embroidered Bedspread Rose Quilting Ivory Satin Satin 200Tc - Luberon

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Measure: Double room with two squares

Color: Natural Cream


Quilted bedspread with rose embroidery in pure Satin 200TC cotton satin which retains the characteristics of shine, softness and durability typical of a 100% natural fibre.

Double size 260x260.

There is nothing like the romantic embroidered linen for a return to the essentials, in a combination of purity given by the 200TC cotton satin, the classic warm ivory color and the quilting with an embroidered rose effect, the garment is produced entirely in Italy. The particular oblique cut of the corners makes the garment even more particular and refined. Precious materials, timelessly elegant, everyday objects that enhance your bed by giving it a touch of regal elegance with their natural beauty.

The coverlet envelope is made of recycled PVC, an eco-sustainable product to protect the environment.

It is advisable to choose a machine wash at 40°. Taking care to protect the embroidery from other clothing that could entangle and tear it (zip, velcro etc.) it is preferable to use a detergent for delicate garments. It is recommended to wash dark and light items separately. After washing, the advice is to dry the garments, avoiding exposing them to direct sunlight, so as to preserve their shine and whiteness.

It is preferable to iron at a temperature not exceeding 150° and the embroidery inside out with the non-stick plate.