Quilted Bedspread - Lete - Nicola Zanni

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Measure: Double room with two squares

Color: Grey


Lightweight quilted quilt bedspread (100grm2) in pure cotton satin with limited edition digital print designed and signed by Nicola Zanni.

Nicola obtained a diploma in painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Bergamo and is attending a specialist course at the Academy of Fine Arts in Urbino.

The work Lete presented in the competition, from which the drawing is taken, is a multimedia work and the audio that accompanies the video of clouds strikes with dazzles that hide intriguing images, in a reading of the bed that speaks of intimacy but also of a false etymological research from a common root between bed and the river of oblivion, linked to deep sleep, which gives the work its title.

Imagining falling asleep in a meadow looking at the clouds in its various forms, the same clouds, the subject of the multimedia video, to which the artist added vegetation and rabbit - a subject much loved by the artist himself and an ideal representation on the bed for softness and calm calmness. The subjects were reproduced using the stencil/mask technique combined with graphite powder and paint on paper for a delicate and evanescent effect, in an original and passionate double bed.

The collection is a limited edition, signed by the artist

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